tesa® Insect Stop hook-and-loop
Ventilate without worrying about buzzing pests. tesa® Insect Stop screens provide reliable protection from insects while still letting fresh air in.

We offer you a two solutions for windows: tesa® Insect Stop ALU shutter for windows and tesa® Insect Stop hook-and-loop for windows.
tesa® Insect Stop ALU Rollo


The long-lasting aluminum systems offer durable protection from crawling and flying pests. Different mounting sets for soffit mounting or wall mounting in front of the soffit. >>

tesa® Protect Klettband-Ersatzrollen


The flexible tesa® Insect Stop hook-and-loop systems are available for all standard window, door, and skylight sizes and can be installed easily in the window or door frame with hook-and-loop bands. >>